AIP and AusIndustry collaborate on Cold Chain Council webinar series

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has been invited by AusIndustry, in partnership with Australian Food Cold Chain Council, to present a three-part webinar series on ‘Optimise Your Cold Chain to reduce Food Waste’ in March.

The free-to-attend series aims to offer advice on improving cold chain efficiency, as well as trends and packaging, and allows attendees to learn from those who have done it.

Details on the three webinars are as follows:

Webinar 1: Optimise Your Cold Chain
Wednesday, 3 March

1pm to 2pm AEDT
Speakers – Mark Mitchell, Chairman and Dr Greg Picker Executive Director of Australian Food Cold Chain Council (AFCCC)

Webinar 2: Food Packaging for Cold Chain 
Thursday, 11 March

1pm to 2pm AEDT
Speakers –  Prof Pierre Pienaar, Education Director, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and George Ganzenmuller, AIP Education Team 

Webinar 3: Cold Chain Packaging Technology Showcase 
Wednesday, 17 March

1pm to 2pm AEDT
Speakers – Prof Pierre Pienaar, Education Director, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and Nerida Kelton, Executive Director, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP).

“This free seminar series has been designed by industry leaders for Australian businesses who rely upon effective cold chain process and solutions to reduce cost and food waste within their business operations,” AFCCC chairman Mark Mitchell said.

“There is a mounting background of community pressure about the costs and environmental damage of food wastage. You can be an important part of the solution through innovation, compliance, waste reduction and safety within your business.” 

AIP education director Professor Pierre Pienaar said we need to contemplate how to reduce food wastage through the packaging industry.

“Packaging alone cannot fix this problem. However, when we consider all elements – design, material, innovative products, technological advancements, responsible, sustainable, reusable, environmentally-friendly packaging – we can explore the opportunities for the packaging industry in the value chain that could get more food to more people around the globe,” he added.

You will need to register for each date in order to receive the Zoom link for that session. Click here to register.

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