Australians invited to join Cold Pressure Council

Tom Egan from the Cold Pressure Council says Australia is a good market for high pressure processing. Speaking with ProPack.Pro at Propak Asia in Bangkok, Tom Egan from PMMI says HPP is expanding globally. 

“The use of HPP is global,” said Egan. “It’s here in Thailand, through Asia Pacific countries, happens in Australia. Its growing.” 

“Australia is a pretty good market for high pressure processing.  We have had some visitors to the Cold Pressure Council Annual Conferences, speaking about what they are doing in Australia for various types of high pressure processing, on beverages especially, which is a very active area.”

“A company using HPP can extend the shelf life of beverages, so you can ship them and they can stay in a good state. The biggest piece for high pressure processing is that it does not affect the nutritional value and does not affect in any way the taste profile, it’s very  good, really a nice way to do it.”

“In Australia anyway there is a market for high pressure processing.  Actual products that are in the marketplace that use HPP in order to bring about better shelf life, keeping their nutritional value and also the flavour profile.”

“The Cold Pressure Council completed their second conference. We’re doing them once a year and we completed our second one in March of 2019, our third will probably be in April or May 2020, still in the U.S. We hope that we will also be bringing the conference to Europe in 2021. Australia still has opportunities.”

“The Cold Pressure Council (CPC) is a trade organisation that started about two years ago. It has nine founding members, including the two major worldwide suppliers of the high pressure processing equipment, namely Hyperbaric and Avure Technologies.” 

“The Cold Pressure Council is focused on the promotion and understanding of the use of high pressure processing, in a whole range of food and beverage products. To lead, facilitate, and promote industry standardisation, user education, and consumer awareness of High Pressure Processing,” said Egan. 

“We have 37 member companies now.  Most of the member companies at present are in North America; we do have a couple of member companies that are outside of North America.” 

“And we’ll be expanding with the HPC mark developed by the CPC, the accreditation mark that is high pressure certified mark outside the U.S. and into Europe hopefully by the end of this year,” said Egan.   

“Many consumers do not appreciate and do not understand about the nutritional and flavour profile qualities that you have with products using HPP. One of the elements of the Cold Pressure Council is to promote that, for everyone to educate, consumers and promote it for everyone,” said Egan.


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