WPO and AIPIA partner to promote sustainable and smart packaging

Pictured above: WPO president Pierre Pienaar and AIPIA communications director Andrew Manly.

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and the Active & Intelligent Packaging Organisation (AIPIA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to further their collaboration in sharing ideas on smart packaging and the science that underpins it. 

The cooperation will include WPO supporting AIPIA on material science technology, which is particularly important in active packaging. In turn, AIPIA will support WPO’s agenda of encouraging sustainable and appropriate packaging innovation.

The two organizations have already cooperated at various events, including ProPak and CPHi exhibitions in Asia, MENA and South Asia. They will endeavour to develop joint agendas to further the creation of smart packaging solutions that meet the global industry’s goals and particular market needs.

WPO president Pierre Pienaar commented, “Both organizations have been aware for some time that we share common goals and objectives, and it is a logical next step to formalize these constructively and practically. 

“The two of us have a clear focus on our responsibility to the sector and the way packaging can be a solution, not a problem – as it is so often characterized today. Packaging for good is high on our agendas, and we see this collaboration as a way to demonstrate these benefits in a very impactful way.”

AIPIA communications director Andrew Manly added, “WPO is the major global packaging organization and has a strong profile in both the developed and developing world. It is a tremendous boost to the smart packaging sector to be able to join with WPO in promoting these technologies and helping to reinforce the organization’s agenda on sustainability, innovation and supply chain efficiency. 

“We are particularly delighted to be able to tap into so many talented people, in particular Pierre’s tremendous knowledge of materials science.”

WPO senior vice president of marketing and president-elect Luciana Pellegrino concluded, “This agreement adds strength and knowledge to both organizations. We look forward to working with AIPIA and ‘spreading the good word’ about packaging and its benefits across the globe. We also intend to develop joint agendas at each other’s conference wherever possible.”

The memorandum between WPO and AIPIA also aims to encourage the development of a Smart Packaging category in WorldStar Awards, the global packaging competition organized by WPO.

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