Watch: Xeikon promotes sustainability offering at drupa

Above: Trevor Crowley, sales general manager, Xeikon, at drupa

Xeikon continues to enhance its sustainability efforts, presenting a wide range of solutions that aim to drive greener growth and business performance at drupa.

“[Sustainability] is really important in our industry, and we need to be sustainable to keep moving forward,” said Trevor Crowley, sales general manager, Xeikon, in an interview with ProPack at drupa.

“[At Xeikon] we look at sustainability as a very critical way of how we measure how we perform as a business,” said Crowley.

One key component of Xeikon’s sustainability offering is its Sustainability Scorecard, which was launched last year. The scorecard aims to offer a more transparent means of proving compliance with various regulations and help brand owners with their sustainability goals.

The scorecard analyses the carbon footprint of each Xeikon press, right down to the individual components of the consumables. It will identify food compliance, VOCs emissions, recyclability, and energy use to give a complete overview.

“Our sustainability program and the carbon footprint calculator and Sustainability Scorecard in particular, aim to contribute and support PSPs and label converters in mapping the impact of their operations on the environment,” Dimitri Van Gaever, Xeikon’s director of business development, told delegates at the Xeikon press conference at drupa this week.

“By promoting transparency and providing comprehensive information, we aspire to set a precedent that other indsutry vendors will adopt. Xeikon also remains open for discussion and further refinements if this is required to gain more common support group and acceptance,” said Van Gaever.

Crowley said the business is also very proud that its inkjet and toner machines have extremely low CO2 footprints.

“The Flint Group has a real commitment to the print industry to lower our carbon footprint. The Xeikon business continues to push that with our manufacturing process, our office space, and even all the way down to company vehicles now are going either hybrid or full electric.

“It’s something that we think is very important to the industry. Not only to keep it sustainable, but to have good, strong sustainable growth moving forward. “

Earlier this month, Xeikon announced its collaboration with Sappi to develop food-safe, paper-based confectionery packs that are fully recyclable in the paper waste stream.

Xeikon also recently announced its partnership with Kurz company, Scribos, to collaborate on new technology that enables digital label printers to provide added value with interactive features for brand protection, track & trace, and consumer engagement.

Watch Trevor Crowley discuss Xeikon’s commitment to sustainability

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