Rollem International showcases the Insignia, Nobelus and Komfi at Edge 2024

The 2024 Edge event in Indianapolis marks Rollem International’s 14th year. It highlights its newest Insignia technology and a new collaboration with Nobelus and Komfi.

Insignia demonstrations

Rollem’s Edge Indianapolis exhibit will showcase the Insignia6H Die Cutter and the Insignia IS6H model, demonstrated by the Insignia Product Manager. Visitors to the stand will learn about the capabilities of Insignia technology, from creating digital files to flexo-magnetic dies, Insignia’s sheet-fed and flexo-magnetic die-cutting technology.

The team at Rollem will promote its myriad of features including die-cutting, pattern perforation, creasing, and kiss-cutting, plus automated matrix removal. This system converts press sheets in one step with one operator. It handles all coating and embellishments while giving the user the option of two types of delivery systems, plus in-line or near-line folding and gluing systems for finished and folded products.

Notably, Insignia Die-Cutters complement HP Indigo presses by producing high-value die-cutting and finishing for easy entry into the packaging, folding carton, promotional, and photo product markets.

Nobelus and Komfi demonstrations

Delegates will witness the Print-Coat-Die Cut Nine-up Postcard Sheet demonstration; nine-up postcard sheets printed on an HP Indigo press and laminated on the Komfi laminator with one of five specialty Tactile Collection films by Nobelus. The sheets will then convert on the Insignia into individual 5 ½ x 3 ½” round-cornered colourful and tactile postcards.

To show the versatility of the Insignia Series, visitors will want to pick up the hexagon-shaped folded carton, also printed on an HP Indigo press with tactile laminating from Nobelus and final die-cutting on Insignia.

Rollem will also showcase the Jetstream for high-volume, highly accurate slitting, trimming, scoring, and perforating of postcards, greeting cards, direct mail, retail shelf tags, and brochures.

Jetstream’s XY configuration accepts a multiple-up press sheet and delivers cut cards, mailers, and PSA retail tags at high speeds. The team recommend adding the Rollem folder/gluer for in-line direct mail finishing with tip-ons and glue closures for complete automation. It is also available as an in-line solution with Indigo presses for dedicated production.

“HP Indigo owners and other PSP’s have greatly benefited from Rollem’s LIVE equipment demonstrations and discussions on our innovative finishing solutions. The expansive list of HP Indigo owners and Rollem clients expands year after year following each Dscoop Edge event,” says a spokesperson for Rollem.

Graph-Pak is Rollem International’s representative in Australia. Its managing director, Tom Ralph, commented, “Rollem Insignia is setting the record for global installations with its Insignia H series rotary die cutter. This Hybrid machine offers the end user single or twin-blade industrial-grade rotary die cutting, scoring, creasing, perforating, and hole-punching options.

“Here in Australia, we tend to want more for our money than the rest of the world. This high-end machine delivers the ROI we thirst for. It has reliability, productivity, and low maintenance costs coupled with a highly valuable in-demand re-sale prospect that separates it from its competitors. My door is open to anyone wanting to discuss this product and anything to do with finishing,” he said.

The Rollem team are at booth #1094 at The Edge 2024, Indianapolis.

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