Scodix makes food packaging enhancement more accessible

Scodix has released its PolySense 550 solution, a new polymer for digital enhancement developed for the food packaging industry, available in A/NZ through its local distributor Currie Group.

Scodix PolySense 550 food packaging compliance refers to indirect contact for low migration. Scodix capitalised on its four years’ experience in manufacturing low migration Scodix PolySense for the Scodix E106 press – which works daily in the packaging industry.

Scodix applications that can use Scodix PolySense 550 include Scodix Sense, Scodix Foil, Scodix VDE, Scodix Cast & Cure and Scodix Glitter.

Types of substrates applicable include offset, HP Indigo ElectroInk and lamination.

Scodix vice-president of research and development Guy Alon said the Scodix enhancements create great visual impact for the brands who use them, and food packaging is no exception.

“The new Scodix PolySense 550 polymer broadens the Scodix portfolio while presenting customers with the ability to further differentiate themselves from the competition – which is crucial on the packed supermarket shelves,” he said.

“The value of adding digital enhancements to food packaging with the assurance that the printing procedure is safe for consumers according to food packaging standards is a big step forward for Scodix Ultra users.”

Currie Group sales and marketing director Phillip Rennell said, “Scodix is continuing to innovate to deliver new applications and drive into new markets, which works really well in Australia and New Zealand where our customers are looking for a larger variety of applications in a smaller market place.”

Compatible with the entire Scodix Ultra portfolio, the polymer is already being used by Italian folding carton producer, Packly, to great effect.

Packly CEO and founder Giuseppe Prioriello said Scodix PolySense 550 augments existing Scodix applications with the ability to apply it to food-grade packaging.

“It is a Packly company priority to guarantee 100 percent safe packaging in the food sector, as well as the other sectors we operate in. We strongly believe that producers must be ahead of the game and provide safe packaging for short runs without waiting for the customer to request the service. This is the reason why we are using this food compliant polymer,” Prioriello said.

“We are already experiencing an increase in business as brands are personalising their packaging while taking advantage of the shorter runs and faster lead times. With no set-up, no waste and the fast time-to-market, food packaging digital enhancement has just broadened the possibilities for the industry dramatically.”



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