Prof. Pienaar recognised with Packaging Hall of Fame Award

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has advised that Prof. Pierre Pienaar, education director for the Institute and president for the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has been recognised by the PMMI in the US with a Packaging and Processing Hall of Fame award.

The Packaging & Processing Hall of Fame recognises career packaging and processing professionals for their significant contributions to the industry and education. The honour, which PMMI coordinates, has been awarded since 1971. 

Past inductees are packaging leaders who have dedicated themselves to the industry through expanding knowledge and volunteer leadership and have personally advanced the field of packaging.

Prof. Pienaar’s interest in packaging started in 1984 after having studied pharmacy. Soon after joining a large pharmaceutical company, he became concerned about several packaging-related issues in the pharmaceutical world. This combined field has taken him to the far corners of the world, always involving one or other aspects of research in packaging.

Prof. Pienaar took over from the late Emeritus Prof. Harry Lovell as the AIP education director 14 years ago and is responsible for the education team who manage the Diploma in Packaging Technology, the Certificate in Packaging, the Fundamentals in Packaging Technology, the Certified Packaging Professional program,  the Master of Food & Packaging Innovation, the extensive portfolio of training courses and all of the student programs across the multiple universities that the Institute works with.

Outside of his role with the AIP, he also lectures in the technology and science of packaging at 11 universities and institutions around the world.

He is a registered Certified Packaging Professional, a past president of the AIP and a Founders Award winner in the Australasian Region.

“When I look back at those years prior to assuming my current AIP role, where the late Prof Harry Lovell was so intentional, and education focussed, I soon realised that we shared the same passion about ensuring more were educated in packaging technology,” Prof. Pienaar said.

“I would say that Harry saw in me someone who would be equally passionate, and so began the friendship and years of understudy prior to 2008 when he resigned from his AIP role, and I was appointed to replace him. It meant an enormous amount to me that I could live out my desire in a role that could make a difference.

“Being recognised for my contributions is humbling. But this is also a proud moment to be honoured by one’s international peers. What I value most from this accolade is that it gives me more opportunities to persuade the global packaging industry that we must become more sustainable, as there is no Plan B.”

Prof. Pienaar, alongside the other 2022 inductees, will be honoured at a ceremony on 24 October at PACK EXPO International 2022.

“The AIP congratulates Prof. Pienaar on this remarkable recognition for the signgficant and long-standing contributions that he has made and continues to make to further packaging training and education across the world. The AIP are proud to have him as our education director,” the AIP said.

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