PDQ Labels switches to digital printing with Screen L350UV Series

Australian label printing company PDQ Labels has made its switch to digital printing with the deployment of a new Screen L350UV inkjet system from Jet Technologies.

PDQ Labels contracted its long-term partner, Jet Technologies, to install the Screen press in its Sydney operations.

PDQ Labels managing director Paul Bentham said the L350UV system has enabled the company to move away from a reliance on flexo printing, with the addition of digital printing.

According to Bentham, since installing and using the L350UV system, the company has reaped the benefits of digital.

“We are now able to not only significantly boost our productivity rates, but also have the flexibility to tweak large volumes of product labels whenever required by our clients,” he said.

“Without this kind of flexibility, adjustments previously meant starting from scratch with new printing plates and wasting large volumes of labels in the process. That means there is now less waste, and less money spent on unnecessary materials.”

The benefits of digital

As one of the most flexible and efficient automated label production systems in the market, the L350UV system has now enabled PDQ to digitally perform 90 per cent of its printing jobs.

“After experiencing such a high level of demand over the past year due to the pressures of COVID-19 – particularly from our grocery and chemical industry clients – it was clear that we needed a digital revamp,” Bentham said.

“We needed a digital printer that could get orders out the door in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The L350UV system allows us to print two weeks’ worth of labelling in just one to two days, when compared with traditional printing methods.

“The system also caters to much larger volumes of product, with the added flexibility to digitally adjust or alter label designs, branding or ingredients immediately at the time of processing”.

Jet Technologies APAC sales director David Reece said with ongoing support from both Jet Technologies and Screen, including in-house technicians and services to ensure the system is running at its peak, PDQ’S deployment of the L350UV has allowed it to take the first step into the digital space while effectively streamlining printing operations.

“With the steady growth in labelling expected to continue, UV digital printing has quickly become the latest trend to increasing productivity and streamlining large printing jobs,” he mentioned.

“The L350UV is one of the most modern and innovative label printers on the market, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to make the switch to digital, and we’re incredibly pleased that PDQ can now use the system to innovate its own operations by going digital.”

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