Orora partners with CleanCo for renewable energy at cans facility in Queensland

Leading sustainable packaging solutions provider Orora has taken another step forward in its sustainability agenda through an agreement with publicly owned CleanCo to secure long-term supply of renewable energy for the company’s cans manufacturing facility at Rocklea, Queensland.

Under the new agreement, which comes into effect January 2025 for a five-year period, Orora’s Rocklea facility will be powered by 18 GWh of renewable energy primarily sourced from two local wind projects: Kaban Green Power Hub from January 2025 and MacIntyre Wind Farm from January 2026.

The deal means that 100 percent of Orora’s electricity needs in Queensland will be sourced from renewable sources. The Rocklea facility joins Orora sites in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales in taking up electricity sourced from renewables. Orora’s long-term renewable energy agreements now cover volumes equivalent to 80 percent of the company’s forecast electricity requirements in Australia.

The move also complements the sustainable credentials of Orora cans, an infinitely recyclable aluminium packaging option. As consumer demand for sustainable packaging grows, Orora’s Rocklea facility plays an important role in meeting these needs.

The agreement with CleanCo is another positive step in Orora’s sustainability strategy, in line with the company’s goals of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and a 40 per cent reduction by 2035.

CleanCo wind farm

The partnership underscores Orora’s shared commitment to sustainability with its valued customer, Suntory Oceania. In July 2023, the growing drinks company announced an agreement with CleanCo to power its beverage manufacturing facility in Swanbank with locally sourced renewable energy.

Orora Executive General Manager, Orora Beverage Cans, Chris Smith said, “We are delighted to partner with CleanCo as we continue to increase the use of renewable energy in our business. Sustainability is fundamental to how we operate at Orora, and we’re committed to playing our part in addressing climate change through clearly defined goals. This agreement is an important step in achieving our target of net zero emissions by 2050, and we’re proud to be aligning our sustainability goals with our valued customer Suntory Oceania.”    

CleanCo CEO, Tom Metcalfe added, “CleanCo is proud to partner with Orora to provide renewable energy for Orora’s Queensland operations, and it’s great to see an alignment in values and visions for decarbonising the Queensland economy.

“Growing our portfolio with renewable energy from wind and solar projects, such as Kaban and MacIntyre wind farms, supported by a flexible dispatchable fleet, means CleanCo can provide sustainable clean energy solutions to help customers like Orora and Suntory Oceania to thrive in a net zero future.”

Ian Goldschmidt, Director of Sustainability Suntory Beverage & Food Oceania, commented,

“For over 120 years, Suntory has strongly focused on Growing for Good, and our new +$400 million Swanbank facility is sustainable by design. The practices and processes built into the foundations and operation will set a benchmark for sustainable investment in the FMCG sector.” 

“Working with partners like CleanCo and Orora continues to enable us to deliver a sustainable supply chain with confidence and support our ambitions to significantly lower our emissions.”

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