OKI’s label printer streamlines Archie Rose’s custom label offering

A bespoke distillery, Archie Rose has a popular personalisation offering known as the Tailored Spirits Experience whereby people can customise the liquid and label for their own personalised bottle or case of gin or vodka.

Before bringing its printing process in-house, Archie Rose relied on an external printing partner to create the custom labels. Outsourcing this process meant that its turnaround time could often be lengthy, especially if a mistake was made in spelling and the label needed to be redone.

As the personalisation offer became particularly popular around key holidays or as a gift for weddings and milestone birthdays, having a prompt and efficient turnaround time became imperative. Outsourcing the Tailored Spirits Experience to a printing partner also became expensive with the additional costs associated with freight and wastage.

As a result, Archie Rose made the decision to purchase an OKI Pro 10 label printer for internal use after utilising it through an external print service provider.

The OKI Pro 10 label printer

Straightforward to install and requiring minimal training, OKI said this model was the perfect introductory solution for Archie Rose.

The OKI Pro 10 label printer allows for on-demand printing of different roll media types including uncoated, glossy and textured papers, as well as synthetics. The roll media can be printed, cut and quickly exchanged while consumables have a high capacity and are also easily changed.

With support from its print service provider Multi-Color Corporation and OKI, the induction process was smooth and seamless for the team at Archie Rose. Ongoing training is also available for its in-house printing operator, ensuring that the team is constantly supported in all printing needs.

Investing in an OKI Pro 10 label printer, Archie Rose has been able to significantly speed up the production of its Tailored Spirits offering.

By bringing this process in-house, customers are now able to order via Archie Rose’s website and have their Tailored Gin, Vodka or Bottled Cocktails delivered directly to their doorsteps within three to five business days – cutting their initial turnaround time in half.

Archie Rose head of marketing Victoria Tulloch said having the printer in-house has enabled greater design flexibility, allowing for experimentation as well as trial and error for limited edition runs.

Archie Rose head of marketing Victoria Tulloch

“Having an OKI printer in-house means we can scale, quicken and streamline the experience for customers ordering Tailored Spirits and other overprint label products as well as improving sustainability measures related to freight, paper wastage, and test prints,” she said.

“It also means we’ve been able to robustly test its capabilities which has led to new ways to include custom prints for customers and corporate clients including QR codes, printing photos onto labels, and more.  

“The distillery has also noted an uptake in customer satisfaction since bringing the process in-house.

Being able to make quick changes for customers when they make a mistake or need to edit a label has effectively streamlined this offering. The printer has enabled Archie Rose to provide multiple test prints for corporate clients who order in bulk, allowing reviews and approval throughout the journey of creating their own labels.”

The team at Archie Rose said it looks forward to expanding its personalisation range, envisioning an on-the-spot personalisation printing option for customers at the ‘Blend Your Own Gin’ classes, as well as other events around Australia.

It added that the company is also considering purchasing a second OKI Pro 10 label printer, with the Pro1050 model adding printing with white to its repertoire.

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