New DuPont Cyrel DLC announces commercial availability


DuPont Advanced Printing announced the commercial availability of the newest addition to the DuPont Cyrel plate platform, the DuPont Cyrel DLC.

The innovative soft digital plate uses a new polymer formulation that uses a low durometer designed for better printing on lower quality recycled and thinner liner corrugated board using water-based inks.

Bob Hannum, Corrugated Segment Manager, North America, DuPont Advanced Printing says, “the DuPont Cyrel DLC plate significantly improves solid ink coverage on recycled board which presents more of a challenge to print on than virgin board stock.”

“Feedback from early customers is that not only is DLC performing better than standard durometer sheet and liquid plates, but also against competitive soft durometer sheet plates.”

Jeff Francis, Graphics Division Manager at Dynamic Dies in Holland claims the Cyrel DLC has been one of the most unique advancements they can offer their customers.”

A challenge faced by the DuPont Cyrel was delivering the ink from the plate to the substrate in a way that provides solid in coverage while not crushing the board with over-impression.

The Cyrel DLC plate kept the edge crush test virtually unchanged after printing.

Key features that benefit corrugated printers include, superior solid printing that allows for lower volume anilox which can provide greater ink savings, increased press impression latitude, virtually no board cursh with over impression, better barcode accuracy and positive and reverse print areas.

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