Lifecycles: real-time sustainability assessments at ProPak

Founded in 2003, Lifecycles is an experienced provider of environmental software, research, consulting and training. The team work with businesses, individuals and government to assist them in understanding and improving their environmental impacts of their products and programs.

Lifecycles has staff based in three states of Australia and covers a broad range of environmental software, modelling, assessment, management and communications. The company says it is Australia’s most experienced specialised consultancy in life cycle assessment (LCA), having undertaken over 75 LCA studies in Australia and overseas.

According to Tim Grant, director of Lifecycles, 2019 will be the first time it has exhibited at ProPak Asia. Grant and the team will be demonstrating the PIQET packaging software that is suitable for anyone designing packaging in the ASEAN region.

The PIQET live demonstrations will also undertake real-time sustainability assessments on any consumer packaging solutions which are brought to the stand. The demonstrations will show visitors the indicative environmental profile of their package and how it compares to alternative packaging. The results will provide a better understanding of what PIQET can do and highlight their packaging’s environmental hotspots.

Grant explains, “PIQET has a global scope and includes data for six Asian regions as well as Europe, the Americas and Oceania. With increased focus on packaging sustainability we see a growth in the use of sustainable design tools across the region. As the PIQET live demonstrations will also undertake real-time sustainability assessments on packaging solutions, we welcome everyone to bring their packaging to the stand for review.

our PIQET packaging software to the ASEAN region as our solution includes the ability to assess impacts of the full packaging supply chain, including all levels of packaging and the logistical impacts from the product supply chain. PIQET also assesses the impacts of product waste including the manufacturing and disposal of damaged or spoiled products in the supply chain. Lifecycles will also be demonstrating new aspects of the tool including product environmental modelling and organisational reporting.”

Lifecycles now consults in packaging and product sustainability in Australia, Asia and Europe and provides customised software solutions and training in the packaging and agrifoods sectors.


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