Lantech promotes stretch-wrapping at ProPak Asia 2019

Lantech is widely recognised as the world-leader in stretch wrapping technology. It invented the first rotary stretch wrapping machine and has continually re-engineered the product with new features and performance enhancing technology. Lantech is also an industry leader in robust and efficient case and tray handling equipment, with a worldwide client list.

David Fullerton, sales director, Lantech Asia Pacific explains that the company mission is to dramatically reduce the billions of dollars of damage that happens in transit, making sure products get from the factory floor to the retailer’s door in pristine condition.

Fullerton says, “Lantech are committed to making effective stretch wrapping easy. We do that with our machines, of course, but we also offer our customers extensive knowledge from our years of experience and more than 70,000 successful application installations.

“Based on observations of loading dock operations, and examination of many loads, both those that arrived intact and those that failed, Lantech has developed criteria to define an effectively wrapped pallet load.”

For Lantech, a safe-to-ship load must be:

  •  Wrapped with enough
  •  Containment force everywhere on the load
  •  Locked to the pallet with a film cable
  •  Have no long or dragging film tails

“Our same principles of simple automation apply when we design our case erecting, tray erecting, case sealing and lidding machines. Our outstanding design features include an ergonomic blank infeed magazine that is power driven, not gravity fed. Cases are precisely formed and held in position while the flaps are folding, which makes a square case. We allow for easy and fast tape changing, and blank size changeover. You will find a wealth of resources on our stand in the Australian Pavilion at ProPak,” Fullerton said.

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