Jet Technologies to bring Screen’s L350UV SAI S to local demo centre

Jet Technologies is set to welcome the newest model of the highly-successful Screen L350UV family to its Australian demo centre later this year.

The latest model, known as the L350UV SAI S, aims to bring a new level of productivity to the market, in terms of both full colour as well as high-opacity white print.

The new model boasts productivity – an increase of 20 per cent in colour printing from the past model (regardless of number of colours, repeat or otherwise) and a 67 per cent increase in speed for its highest opacity white application, going from 30m/min to 50m/min in all instances.

Jet Technologies sales director David Reece said, “We already have clients printing 20,000 lineal metre runs and with the substantial improvements in productivity experienced with the L350UV SAI S, there is no reason why they cannot aim for even larger print runs that have until recently been the domain of flexo”.

The addition of orange and blue to the current configuration of the press, along with CGS colour matching using CxF data, also enables printers to achieve an extremely wide range of the colour gamut, with extremely high levels of repeatability. The extra colours also provide a noticeable ink saving.

The L350UV SAI S is able to print on an extremely wide range of local and imported materials.

According to Screen GP managing director Peter Scott, the current installations in Australia and New Zealand report an uptime in the range of 92 to 97 per cent, including the oldest installations that were done about five years ago.

“Perhaps this is the aspect that we are most proud of. Any press will be reliable when it is new, but to maintain this high level of performance after many years is what Screen is renowned for,” Scott said.

The demo centre will be at Jet Technologies’ headquarters in Sydney, and operational from January 2021.

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