Jet Technologies launches new block-bottom coffee packaging machinery

Jet Technologies has is now delivering the latest coffee packaging innovation to the Australian and New Zealand coffee industry, with the launch of the Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machinery.

The solution is capable of producing and filling block-bottom gusset bags at high speed and allows roasters to produce their own ‘Block-Bottom Gusset Bag’ without needing to purchase this packaging as a pre-made bag.

This innovation, made by Goglio, is able to achieve the desirable block-bottom coffee packaging design at half the cost of purchasing pre-made bags, according to Jet Technologies.

“The capability to achieve the popular block-bottom design in a cheaper and more productive way for coffee brands is something we are very excited about,” Jet Technologies general manager Daniel Malki said.

“The block-bottom design allows for improved styling of product branding, which comes at an advantage to brands wanting to stand out from others in the market.”

Malki added that until now, brand owners have needed to purchase a pre-made bag to achieve the desired block-bottom look, which is more expensive, and was typically filled either by hand or required a stand-alone filler, which added further overhead costs.

“Now coffee brands can use high productivity VFFS machinery to simultaneously make and fill the Block-Bottom Gusset Bag to order and in line with demand,” he said.

The Block-Bottom Gusset Bag is ideal for packaging a wide variety of coffee products such as whole bean or ground bean coffee.

“The coffee industry is extremely competitive, particularly in Australian and New Zealand, and today’s roasters strive to be leaders in sustainability and innovation. This means they need to be able to differentiate themselves on store shelves with a stylish and functional packaging design that stands out to consumers and maintains coffee flavour and freshness,” Malki added.

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