Jet Technologies installs latest Screen L350UV SAI at Onpack

Onpack has enhanced its digital operations by upgrading to the latest automated label production system – the Screen L350UV SAI Inkjet Series, which it purchased from Jet Technologies.

Earlier this year, the latest Screen L350UV SAI Series was officially released and demonstrated at Jet Technologies’ Sydney demonstration room. After witnessing its improved capabilities and features, Onpack placed its order of the system which is now in operations at its head facility in Melbourne.

Onpack said it upgraded its technology as its recent venture into labels and packaging has since seen it service a variety of industries – including food and beverage, FMCG, commercial, health and beauty, and sports and nutrition.

The latest SAI Series, featuring improved colour reproduction and scalability to meet a diversity of industrial and market needs, is an upgrade from the Screen L350UV V1 and V1+ that Onpack initially used.

“Our first investment in the original L350 series gave us the platform to meet our growth ambitions as a business, whilst optimising our digital printing capabilities with process control, enhanced quality, and improved efficiency,” Onpack founder and managing director Michael Nankervis said.

“Four years on, we grew even more, and with the continued support of Jet Technologies, we were ready to expand into Flexo graphic printing and grew our capacity even further.”

Nankervis said the new L350UV SAI Series delivers a higher level of productivity and has since improved Onpack’s production capacity by 20 per cent for colour printing and 60 per cent for highest opacity white colours, along with an extremely high level of printing repeatability.

The upgraded system has additionally enabled Onpack to operate with an exceptionally wide range of colours, without ink wastage.

“Since installation, the SAI upgrade has enabled us to significantly increase our turn-around speed for digital printing jobs by automating the process. With its software generated lead in lead out and reverse-feed function, we’ve also considerably lowered our ink and material waste, which has reduced overhead costs and improved our sustainability standards,” Nankervis added.

Jet Technologies sales director David Reece said the L350UV SAI Series’ ability to print on a diversity of local and imported materials has positioned it as one of the most innovative and efficient automated label production printers available today.

“Even more so, with improved productivity rates of up to 60 per cent compared to the previous model, the SAI serves as one of the fastest solutions on the market, with the highest-quality results, and we’re incredibly pleased to see Onpack further its digital innovation by upgrading to this latest model,” Reece mentioned.

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