Jet Technologies and Screen to bring three new solutions to Australia

Jet Technologies, in partnership with Screen, will be bringing three new solutions to the Australian market.

These solutions, which will be launched at Labelexpo Europe 2023, include the Screen and Nilpeter joint hybrid printing solution, a new prototype in-line inkjet digital primer for Screen’s flagship Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI label printing press, and the Screen Truepress PAC 520P inkjet digital printing press.

Jet Technologies sales director David Reece said, “These latest printing industry advancements from Screen are a direct result of the company’s commitment to listening closely to requests from major clients, who have loved their L350UV SAI and have long wanted to be able to use them for additional markets.

“Jet Technologies has a number of customers who are onto their second investment in the L350UV SAI and I have no doubt that our clients will be eager to take advantage of these new developments.”

The Screen and Nilpeter joint hybrid printer aims to bring to the label and packaging market an innovative in-line solution that will meet the increasing demand for integrated digital printing and embellishment.

It combines the best of Screen’s new L350UV SAI technology with Nilpeter’s versatile FA-Line flexo platform, allowing any combination of flexo, screen, cold foil, hot foil, die cutting and more.

The L350UV SAI is able to print all manner of work at 60m/min (50m/min with opaque white), regardless of print repeat, number of colours and a range of other factors.

“The L350UV SAI really lends itself to running inline as a hybrid press, where all of the processes can be easily and quickly synchronised to enable inkjet to truly enter print runs that until now have been the sole domain of flexo. We’re incredibly excited to see this major enhancement of the much-loved L350UV SAI,” Reece said.

A further enhancement for the L350UV SAI is the prototype development of an in-line inkjet digital primer. The primer will address a major challenge in UV inkjet digital printing: poor ink adhesion on certain substrates. With the new primer, the L350UV SAI will be able to prime directly beneath the printed image, rather than over the material.

“This new option for priming will bring many benefits, one of the biggest being able to reduce inkjet bleed on uncoated paper, which is a big win for printers servicing segments such as wine and spirits, who can now seriously consider the L350UV SAI,” Reece added.

The Truepress PAC 520P inkjet digital printing press

In addition to the L350UV SAI innovations, Screen is also launching the Truepress PAC 520P inkjet digital printing press, a water-based press that is aimed at the paper packaging sector.

The Pac 520P can print at the highest quality, at high speeds, onto a wide range of paper substrates at a maximum of 520mm width.

And for those wanting an even-wider press, there is the Pac830F, similarly based on water-based inkjet and with end-use applications such as the shrink film and other flexible packaging sectors. 

The Pac830F

“With the consumer-driven shift in packaging trends from plastic to paper, there is a rapidly-growing market opportunity and it is pleasing to see that Screen is eager to pioneer in this space,” Reece mentioned.

“The introduction of Pac 520P and Pac 830F show how committed Screen is to the packaging sector and it is also showing the benefit of decades of experience in inkjet. As its long-term partner in the Australia and New Zealand region, we have been privy to these developments for some time and to see them come to fruition is exciting for us and our clients.”

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