Hanes Australasia reaps benefits from Herma InNo Liner install by Result Group

Apparel business Hanes Australasia has been reaping sustainable rewards since its install of the Herma InNo Liner by Result Group at its distribution centre in Melbourne.

Hanes Australasia, the owner of such brands in Australia as Bonds, Sheridan, Champion and Bras N Things, was an early adopter of Herma InNo Liner, implementing the new Herma linerless technology as part of its 2025 global sustainability goals.

Hanes originally installed two Herma InNo Liner machines at its Melbourne distribution centre, followed by a new order for multiple units recently.   

Since its use, Hanes said the system is operational and labelling 24 hours a day with no release liner, no silicon content and no waste disposal.

Herma InNo Liner contains no liner material, is silicone-free, and enables environmentally friendly packaging through use of shipping labels that contain no liner waste material.

This technology requires the simultaneous application of two layers of adhesive. Until the dispensing process begins, the outer adhesive layer remains inactive. As part of the application process water is misted onto the dry adhesive instantly creating a permanent adhesive ready to be applied to the cartons as normal.

“Hanes Australasia is committed to a more sustainable future and have set ambitious goals to achieve zero waste across our operations by 2025. The implementation of Herma labelling equipment in our distribution centre is a reflection of this commitment to more sustainable practices and our leadership in implementing innovative solutions,” Hanes Australasia logistics and operations general manager Sebastain Siccita said.

“The Herma labelling equipment proved to be an effective solution where we have seen a reduction of over 2.0 tonne of waste and has provided valuable insights into the potential for further innovations in sustainable technology.”

A huge amount of waste is avoided because the Herma InNo-Liner system can drastically minimise the entire climate-relevant CO2 footprint of labels – by managing the material without any silicon release liner material or even coating, according to Result Group general manager Michael Dossor.

“Herma is a leading label technology manufacturer in Germany, specialising in the entire field of self-adhesive technology. But what Herma’s team has accomplished in the last few years in the field of sustainability with InNo liners cannot be compared with any other product,” Dossor said.

“Many companies have tried and failed to master linerless labelling and none have mastered linerless silicon free, but Herma succeeded; they mastered and introduced the most sustainable solution in labelling with 100 per cent Germany quality. We’re proud to be in a position where we can support sustainability in the logistics and distribution space in any industry in ways never available before.”

Herma InNo liner is exclusively distributed by Result Group in Australia and New Zealand.

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