Graph-Pak inks deal with SCM Handling

Australian supplier of post-press equipment, Graph-Pak, has inked a four-year deal with SCM Handling to distribute the latter’s solutions in the Oceanic region.

This makes Graph-Pak the company’s first Australian distributor for the region.

SCM handling is a UK-based business that offers bespoke industrial material handling solutions like robotics.

The partnership closely follows Graph-Pak’s distributorship deal with Lombardi Converting.

Graph-Pak managing director Tom Ralph told Sprinter that Graph-Pak had a long-standing relationship SCM Handling, but has now solidified its partnership with this distributorship deal.

“SCM Handling is a business I’ve known for a long time and with automation becoming more critical to many businesses, the timing was ideal for us to seal the deal,” he said.

“The company is busy and it’s doing well especially with the growth in automation so we see it as a good business to bring to our region.

“So, if you needed to automate a factory and reduce or redistribute labour, you can integrate SCM Handling’s conveyors and robotic palletising to aid in a repetitive and stationary manufacturing process or in packaging and handling.”

According to Ralph, Graph-Pak has been installing and commissioning robotics over the past 12 years.

“It is a growing industry and we’re looking forward to using that experience to move forward with SCM Handling,” he said.

“We inked the deal as we’re trying to meet the demands and requests from our customers. We are now able to offer then a broader range of materials handling equipment and automation, and this has accelerated since COVID-19.

“One of the main conversations I’m having on a daily basis now has to do with automation; so, it’s backed by industry demands and needs.”

Ralph said both companies see a huge demand for these solutions within the Oceanic region and that it opens up business to a wider range of verticals that are beyond printing and packaging.

“It opens us up to other industries that we didn’t have much to offer before, like aerosol can manufacturers for example. It’ll allow us to engage in projects we previously wouldn’t have dreamt to be a part of. It’s an important part of our strategy moving forward,” he mentioned.

“SCM Handling’s range fits the other products we distribute like a shoe. It brings together what we have been doing all of these years and with SCM Handling on board, we’re going to take it to a whole new level.”

In the coming months, post-COVID-19, Ralph said SCM Handling will be spending some time in Australia and working out of Graph-Pak’s office to help Graph-Pak establish and commission some large installations.

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