FPLMA calls for Packaging Conference speakers

Flexible Packaging and Label Manufacturers Association (FPLMA) has confirmed it is looking for speakers who would like to share their expertise in the market at the FPLMA Packaging Conference scheduled for the end of August 2024.

Navigating new frontiers is the theme selected for the following year’s FPLMA Packaging Conference. 

“It is often said the only constant in business is change itself. The business environment today has rarely faced so much change occurring simultaneously. Whether it be technology and harnessing innovation or government intervention with changing rules and regulations, managing profitability has become increasingly complex,” said the association.

The theme for 2024’s conference aims to provide participants with tools for navigating through all complexities and creating solutions to support business.

Speakers will cover various topics to provide the audience with an understanding of options for managing profitability and ensure they are prepared to take advantage of these opportunities to stay ahead of the game.

The conference is expected to gather a wide range of supply chain representatives, including brand owners, printers, buyers, senior management, partners in the printing industry, training organisations and associated worldwide flexographic technical associations. 

FPLMA is therefore looking for speakers who would be interested in sharing their expertise in digitalisation in packaging and supply chain processes, pressures of manufacturing in 2024, government IR changes, technology to improve profitability, reaching sustainable packaging targets without affecting profitability, attracting skilled personnel, training resources and fit for purpose manufacturing as well as efficiency measurements.

All interested parties must submit a brief highlighting the main point of their presentations before February 29, 2024, to Anthony Dalleore at anthony.dalleore@macdermid.com. More information is available online.

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