Flint Group Narrow Web to showcase sustainable inks at Labelexpo Americas

Flint Group Narrow Web will be taking to Labelexpo Americas in September to showcase new waste and cost-saving ink and coating products that offer improved recycling, food safety, global quality consistency and lower energy consumption.

Flint Group’s Evolution series of UV-flexo coatings allow the substrates and containers they are used on to be recycled without contamination, and therefore be reused more easily.

The Evolution Deinking Primer is applied to shrink sleeves to allow the ink to be released during the recycling process. The ink is removed from the sleeve material without contaminating the valuable bottle flake. The materials are then rinsed and pelletized into recycled polyester (rPET) for reuse.

The Evolution Caustic Resistant Over Print Varnish facilitates the recycling of PET bottles utilising pressure-sensitive labels. The varnish prevents contamination of the wash-water and bottle flake in the initial recycling process by keeping the ink secured to the label substrate. When immersed in the float-sink bath, the intact label floats to the surface where it is separated from the bottle recycling stream.

Flint Group Narrow Web will also present its expanded range of Dual Cure UV-flexo inks that are curable under LED lamps as well as mercury lamps. The company’s new Dual Cure products focus on ultra-clear non-yellowing performance and food contact materials (FCM) applications.

Dual Cure Ultra Clear is a UV-flexo clear overprinted coating, that does not yellow over time. Free of benzophenone, it offers long-term brand integrity and product safety.

Another addition to the Dual Cure program is EkoCure ANCORA FCM PSL, safe UV-flexo ink for pressure-sensitive label food contact materials.  It contains no bisphenol-A and is fully compliant with the latest versions of the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles (SR.817.023.21) and the Nestlé Guidance on Packaging Inks.

According to the company, switching to LED-UV curing technology with Flint Dual Cure inks bring energy cost reductions of up to 50 per cent, compared with using mercury lamps on press, as the lamp produces less heat.   

Fully compatible inline with conventional inks on the printing press, Dual Cure inks allow a gradual switch to LED, at a pace that suits the converter, with minimal disruption to operations.

“At Labelexpo Americas, Flint will be focusing on the current hot topics of the industry: recycling, reducing energy consumption, increasingly stringent food safety legislation, and building a more sustainable future,” Flint Group North America vice-president Julian Cass said.

“Our products and services provide answers to these challenges and make good business sense too, for converters and brand owners alike. Whether large or small, converters are invited to make an appointment to explore what we have that can benefit them and their customers.”

The Flint Group Narrow Web booth #5703 will be shared with Flint’s Digital division Xeikon. Product highlights include the Xeikon CX500 dry toner press, Xeikon PX3300 UV-IJ hybrid press, Uniform X-800 workflow and participates in the Digital Embellishment Track including the conference program.

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