ePac Flexible to support Project Waterfall

ePac Flexible Packaging has partnered with Project Waterfall, one of the leading charities in the coffee sector. ePac will donate two per cent of its global coffee product sales in 2023, and the proceeds will help coffee-growing communities worldwide with clean water, sanitation and education. 

Project Waterfall brings clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities. It has changed more than 80,000 lives since 2011 and is working to end the water crisis in our lifetime.

Paul Rason, head of coffee segment for ePac, said, “ePac’s Mission has been, from the very beginning, to support and add value within our respective communities. The partnership with Project Waterfall is our first community program dedicated to the coffee industry, and it provides us with an opportunity to help bring an end to the water crisis in coffee-growing regions around the world.

“Working with the Project Waterfall team, we’ll start with the Berbere Project in Ethiopia, a country that many consider being the birthplace of coffee. We see this as a long-term partnership, and we’re looking forward to getting started.” 

Rebecca Hodgson, director of Project Waterfall, added, “We are delighted to welcome ePac on board as an official partner for Project Waterfall. Our work to bring clean drinking water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities is only possible due to the incredible companies in the industry, like ePac, which commit to giving back and making an impact. We are excited to see this partnership grow and change many lives as a result.”

To further strengthen ePac’s offering to the coffee market, the company recently announced that it will launch a new flat-bottom product in Q3 2023, adding to its extensive line of flexible pouch offerings for the industry.

ePac is also extending its partnership with Totani, a Japanese manufacturer considered one of the industry-leading pouch equipment developers, to bring high-quality finished products to its customers. 

Virag Patel, head of operations for ePac, added, “We were asked by our customers to provide the flat bottom line to our existing product portfolio, and we listened to their needs. We are totally committed to the industry, and we will continue to innovate and drive value for our speciality coffee customers.”

ePac is one of the world’s largest networked, flexible packaging providers. Founded in 2016, ePac began with a single plant in Madison, Wisconsin, serving predominantly community-based small and medium-sized brands.

Today, the company operates 23 facilities across the globe, including a production plant in Melbourne that opened in 2021.

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