VIDEO: Dale Hawkins introduces the new Zünd Q-Line cutting system at drupa 2024

Zünd Australia managing director Dale Hawkins spoke to ProPack at drupa 2024 about Zund’s latest creation, the Q-Line with BHS180 and how it raises the bar for industrial pallet to pallet production.

Hawkins explains to those who haven’t seen the Q-Line before that it’s a cutting system that runs pallet to pallet.  Operators can line up jobs ready to cut up to 1.8 metres high.

The new Q-Line with board handling system – BHS180 and UNDERCAM is a system solution specifically tailored to the requirements of highly automated, industrial finishing in the digital production of displays and printed packaging.

The board feeder with UNDERCAM, Q-Line cutter and off-load unit are coordinated to enable next-level speed and efficiency.

The new machine components such as the solid, mineral cast substructure, the new linear drive and beams made of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics work together to provide high speeds.

“What Zünd has done with this machine is sped up the whole thing by putting a far more solid base. They’ve lightened up the beams by using fibreglass, so they are able to drive this machine at 2.8 metres per second.”

“It’s a very impressive machine for cutting production,” said Hawkins.

Watch Dale Hawkins at drupa 2024 talking about the Q-Line below.

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