CCS looks to build its business in Australia

CCS Media Packaging is looking to expand its salesforce in Australia as the company focuses on greater growth in 2021.

Under the leadership of founder and owner Kevin Wilson, CCS is on the headhunt for sales and marketing executives who will primarily focus on the business’ sustainable packaging offerings.

“In the last few years, we’ve come from underneath our stone. We’re looking for the right people to join our business that can pass on the message to customers that sustainable packaging is the right direction forward,” Wilson said.

“If we’re going to be serious about pushing the sustainability boat, which we are, we will need an expert in that field and someone dedicated within our business to do that.”

In operation for more than 30 years, CCS is a privately-owned Australian packaging business that provides customised, high-quality packaging and aims to be a one-stop shop for all packaging needs.

With a team of 35 people under the leadership of Wilson, the business is Australian owned and run, with many staff with 15 years plus service.

Based in Silverwater, NSW, and delivering across Australia, the company has been supplying high end packaging for the media, games, consumer and personal care industries amongst others. Some of its clients include Disney, Sony, Technicolor, Roadshow, Sapphire, L’Occitane, Edible Beauty and Vittoria.

“Way back in 1988, when we were a small company competing fiercely for a piece of the entertainment packaging pie, that sector of business was at its peak and we needed a point of difference,” Wilson said.

“We did this by focusing on special packaging and realising that the best packaging options from around the world should be made available in Australia.

“We also saw that streaming and downloading would eventually affect the arena we were working in, so set about looking for markets beyond media but holding dear to the principles we had learnt and developed namely, reliability, creativity and value.

“And with the changes that we’re seeing happening in the world, especially with the bigger need for packaging, we now have a much more aggressive push into the market and need the capacity to deliver on the needs.”

The sustainability message within packaging is key for the business.

“Sustainability and ethically sourced products are very important to us as a business. Knowing where that product comes from and how it’s produced is something we’ve been going on about for years,” Wilson said.

“And COVID-19 has only accelerated this because it has brought into light why people should be manufacturing locally if they possibly can. Everybody now also understands that producing locally also saves a lot for the environment.”

Wilson added that the business is currently considering the purchase of a larger press to compete on larger-sized packaging.

It currently has a new Heidelberg XL 75 eight-colour press, other equipment including an automated line rigid box machine and a case-bound line which produces hard covers, as well as a full digital department.

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