BillerudKorsnäs relaunches coated white-top kraftliner for litho-laminated packaging

BillerudKorsnäs has launched an upgraded version of Pure Supreme, a well-established premium white-top kraftliner, optimised for offset printing.

The new product aims to offer excellent print results in terms of colour fidelity and lifelike image reproduction. Its strength and stiffness ensure high runnability, allowing for high-speed printing and converting processes.

New Pure Supreme is the latest in a series of new products to come out of BillerudKorsnäs’ KM7 board machine.

The company said the advanced technologies applied in KM7 have made it possible to combine several valuable product properties: printability, strength, stiffness, appearance, consistency, and purity.

Like all BillerudKorsnäs products, Pure Supreme is made of 100 per cent pure and strong primary wood fibres, sourced from responsibly managed forests. It added that with the high capacity of KM7 – 550,000 tons/year – global availability is high.  

Made for premium brands with a need for appealing, high-performance packaging, Pure Supreme has a smooth and fully coated surface that gives the liner an attractive appearance, exceptional print results, and opportunities for interesting varnishes and foils.

In addition, primary wood fibres in a three-ply structure make Pure Supreme strong and minimise the risk of washboarding. A mid-layer of CTMP and kraft pulp provides bulk, stiffness, and stability to ensure high runnability.

 “The combination of strength and appearance is unique in this product. Normally, a customer has to choose one or the other product property. But with Pure Supreme we can offer both,” BillerudKorsnäs product management containerboard senior director Rolf Gustafsson said.

“And thanks to its strength, Pure Supreme enables great lightweighting possibilities; less packaging weight saves cost and reduces the environmental footprint.”

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