Axelent to introduce new range at National Manufacturing Week

Axelent Australia has announced it will be presenting their new range of McCue pedestrian barriers at the National Manufacturing Week 2019 in Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Axelent is a global manufacturer of modular-designed X-Guard safety guarding and X-Tray cable tray systems and the McCue Pedestrian Barrier, designed to protect pedestrians, machines, forklifts, racking and your facilities.

’The McCue Range equals unparalleled protection for people and facilities,” says, Axelent Sales Director, Drew Hoxey.

The range of Pedestrian Barriers and partitioning systems are designed for an industry that has a warehouse, logistics centre, manufacturing facility, pedestrian or forklift zone.

“The McCue range offers an extensive variety of solutions protecting everything from wall perimeters, racking, creating traffic lanes, posts, bollards, framing off areas, guard rails and separating equipment from pedestrians,” says Hoxey.

The easy-to-install flexible McCue range is designed for areas that need an extra level of protection, with easy to cut polymers having the ability to adapt to your facility.

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