Avery Dennison adds four new facestocks for premium wine and spirits market

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has expanded its Sensorial Collection in North America with four new facestocks designed especially for the premium wine and spirits market, offering exceptional wet-strength and featuring 30 per cent Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) paper.

To stay firmly adhered to bottles, the labels are equipped with the Avery Dennison Z2010 adhesive, engineered to support heavier facestocks not to float or show lift for up to eight hours while submerged in ice or cold box.

Each of the four new products has an enhanced texture designed to deliver a distinctive sense of touch. The new surfaces include Houndstooth, which shows a subtle textured pattern reminiscent of the cloth with abstract shapes on a warm white material; Willow, an off-white material textured to simulate the look found in the bark of a tree; Veil that evokes the patterns in a bridal veil and Brushstrokes offering a canvas look and feel.

“These new Sensorial Collection offerings are unique in that they not only deliver a high-end experience via a premium look, finish and feel that provide shelf appeal – they are also manufactured from sustainable materials, which more consumers demand,” Vanita Marzette, senior product manager for wine and spirits at Avery Dennison, said.

“In addition, premiumisation continues to be a strong trend, especially in the wine and spirits category. As more brands enter this space, the need to stand out is important.”

According to Avery Dennison, in the past, thicker papers were needed to allow converters to emboss and add more texture to labels to make them stand out.

The issue was keeping the label on the bottle surface exposed to wet conditions. However, applying labels to wine and sparkling wine bottles when they are cooler than their surroundings and slick with surface condensation is easier with Z2010 adhesive, which offers aggressive initial tack and ensures heavier, embellished labels stay firmly adhered. 

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