Amcor Lift-Off winner to use AI for circular economy

Amcor has committed to invest $500,000 into its latest Amcor Lift-Off winner Greyparrot, an artificial intelligence (AI)-generated waste analytics company, to help scale its technology in support of a circular economy.

Amcor’s Lift-Off program provides a platform for early- and growth-stage start-ups to present their innovative ideas within one of six focus areas such as alternative barriers, smart and connected packaging, new business models, biomaterials, fibre and recycling. 

All entries are assessed on the merit of their technology, business model, and scalability, as well as how well they fit within Amcor’s existing operations. 

Greyparrot marks the fourth Lift-Off winner since the program’s inception in 2022. The company deploys AI computer vision systems in resource recovery facilities, which monitor and sort through large waste flows at scale. 

The data, which is provided to waste managers, producers and regulators, provides critical insights that enable improved sorting, recycling rates and accountability throughout the waste value chain.

Amcor vice-president of corporate venturing and open innovation Frank Lehmann said, “Amcor’s Lift-Off program has established partnerships with a number of companies that are at the forefront of new technology that will drive sustainability in a variety of ways. 

“We’re excited by Greyparrot’s technology to deliver valuable information on the life cycle of packaging and other waste and get a clearer understanding of the waste value chain and how we can improve.”

Greyparrot co-founder and CEO Mikela Druckman added, “Data is vital in the effort to close the loop on circularity, from improving resource recovery to informing packaging design and regulation. 

“Through the support of Amcor and its Lift-Off program, we’re one step closer to digitising the waste sector, and we’re excited to be entering into a new partnership with one of the most impactful organisations in the waste value chain.”

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