Amcor leads in packaging developments with new innovation

Amcor has introduced its first high-barrier, high-speed, recycle-ready liquid pouch packaging solution and launched a new platform of paper-based packaging products called AmFiber.

Amcor Flexibles North America continues to forge an innovative path to its 2025 sustainability goal with this high-barrier, high-speed, recycle-ready liquid pouch packaging solution named AmPrima.

AmPrima PE Plus recycle ready solutions provide brand owners with innovative packaging that supports recyclability in categories that have been historically challenging. At the same time, AmPrima PE Plus innovation delivers highly durable hermetic edge and fitment seals that perform well under abusive manufacturing, distribution and usage conditions.

Amcor said the high-barrier flexible film that provides superior heat resistance and is a more-sustainable alternative to standard metallised or foil-based structures.

“We know that in today’s world of high-performance equipment, rigorous quality testing and consumer-driven environmental consciousness, developing a recycle-ready solution that delivers on all attributes is crucial,” Amcor marketing director Brian Douglas said.

“Our proprietary, oriented structure has a demonstrated ability to run on commercial converting and filling equipment at the same machine speeds as non-recyclable material, putting it in a different class from other conventionally-oriented, recyclable film options.”

As for AmFiber, it is a new platform of paper-based packaging products that aim to redefine the capabilities of traditional paper packaging, providing a wider range of features and functional benefits to meet the changing needs of consumers.


Amcor CEO Ron Delia said, “Amcor’s long-term experience in paper and carton packaging was the basis for launching the AmFiber platform. Amcor has a proven history of delivering ground-breaking innovation to support our customers’ growth aspirations. This family of differentiated paper-based products builds on Amcor’s extensive track record across multiple materials and application”.

The AmFiber platform demonstrates Amcor’s consumer-centric and adaptable approach to innovation which provides customers packaging technology using the materials most suited to their needs.

The first AmFiber product launch this year will be a solution tailored to provide snacks and confectionery customers in Europe a recyclable package that delivers a high barrier from oxygen and moisture.

Amcor said it will gradually extend its new paper-based offerings into a wide variety of applications such as coffee, drink powders, seasoning and soups as well as into the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.

AmFiber innovations will join other Amcor paper-based products introduced recently, including solutions for butter and margarine in Latin America, for cheese in Europe and for confectionery in Australia.

Amcor added that the introduction of the AmFiber platform coincides with the four-year anniversary of Amcor’s 2025 pledge to develop all of its packaging to be recyclable or reusable and to increase the use of recycled content.

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