Allied Beverages launches crowdfunding campaign to bring new packaging innovation brand to life

Allied Beverages has introduced BLVD and the Sydney Shaker, an RTD beverage line packaged in a cocktail shaker.

The company is also offering the public the opportunity to invest in the new brand and technology through the equity-raising platform Equitise.

The Sydney Shaker is understood to be a world-first patented technology from Allied Beverages transforming the traditional can into a cocktail shaker to emulate bar-quality drinks on the go.

Pre-batched cocktails have been booming since the pandemic lockdowns. Almost one-third of Australian alcohol consumers prefer to drink cocktails. BLVD has latched onto the opportunity to address the gap between canned convenience and authentic bar quality taste.

The innovation

BLVD works on the premise that good cocktails are made because they are shaken or stirred. As traditional cans do not replicate this process, the Sydney Shaker enables consumers to shake their ready-to-drink cocktail so it is diluted, aerated, and emulsified.

Launching this year, BLVD will initially offer a select range of crafted cocktails for the at-home or on-the-go drinking experience.

Allied Beverages said it is committed to quality, sustainability, and innovation, positioning BLVD as a pioneering brand with significant growth potential in target markets including Australia, the US, and the UK.

Investment opportunity

Next week, it will embark on an equity fund-raiser through Equitise, opening up an investment opportunity for anyone wanting a stake in Allied Beverage’s Sydney Shaker and BLVD brands.

After BLVD raises the capital to commercialise the brand it plans to launch with an Espresso Martini and Whiskey Sour in late 2024.

Furthermore, BLVD intends to license its unique shaker technology to other beverage producers, opening up additional revenue streams for competitive edge.

Mark Dorrell, Allied Beverages, says, “ As the brand draws inspiration from the social and cultural impact of early 20th-century cocktail parties, we aim to bring people together, celebrating the art of mixology through premium and convenient offerings.”

Investment opens on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024. To find out more, visit:

Contact chat@alliedbeverages.

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