AIP to host Introduction to Packaging Specifications training course

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) will be running a virtual training course on 24 May on the topic of Introduction to Packaging Specifications.

In the training course, the AIP will cover aspects such as the need for specification, the management thereof, how to collect the data and the fundamentals of drafting a specification.

The course will be presented by AIP education director Prof Pierre Pienaar and Specright founder and CEO Matthew Wright.

The AIP will discuss material types in packaging, as well as sampling plans, testing of packaging and how best to incorporate all the data into one document. The course will also address the importance of auditing suppliers of your packaging.

It will conclude with applications in the industry, discussing possible pitfalls and the issues that may occur over time when suitable specifications are not available and/or not up to date, and what to do about rectifying such situations.

Course objectives:

  • After the course, attendees will know what is key to a packaging specification sheet
  • Attendees will fully comprehend that the packaging specification is a technical document that contains a series of standard requirements for packaging a product. It includes size, dimensions, weight, materials, tolerances and load related information.

This course is intended for those that want to introduce their very own packaging component specifications into their company, as well as those who need to understand the relevance and how important specifications are in relation to legal aspects.

“It is of significant value to those who would like to know how best to maintain and ensure that all packaging specifications are always up to date,” The AIP said.

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