ABBE Corrugated becomes FSC and PEFC certified

Corrugated cardboard manufacturer, ABBE Corrugated, is now FSC and PEFC certified.

On November 16, ABBE Corrugated (ABBE), located in Melbourne, received the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody (CoC) certification (SCS-COC-007716) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) (SCS-PEFC/COC-007716) from the SCS Global Services for ABBE’s Coolaroo manufacturing facility.

By becoming FSC and PEFC CoC certified, ABBE said it can address its growing customer need for environmentally friendly packaging by suppling FSC & PEFC certified paper and pulp-based materials.

It added that FSC and PEFC certification is in line with ABBE’s commitment to invest in sustainable resources and addressed the ever-growing environmental issues we face today, by being able to produce corrugated cardboard from FSC or PEFC CoC certified materials.

“With our FSC & PEFC CoC certification, ABBE strengthens the commitment to manage our natural resources in the most responsible way possible, sourcing raw materials from certified paper mills, providing our customers peace of mind around the origin of the paper-based packaging they purchase from us,” the company’s customer experience director Chris O’Sullivan said.

The company added that the FSC and PEFC CoC provides assurance that its customers are purchasing packaging products sourced directly from responsibly managed forests.

“FSC & PEFC, through independent organisations conduct audits to ensure certified members can track, trace, and identify wood fibres from the forest through every step of the manufacturing process, confirming that each supplier along the way follows rigorous controls, management, and reporting practices,” the company added.


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