2021 Global Packaging Forum returns as virtual edition

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), in conjunction with Informa Markets, and supported by the WPO, will soon be running the third annual Global Packaging Forum @ProPak Asia 2021 as a virtual edition over four sessions across four months.

Each session will bring together expert global presenters from all over the world including Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Austria, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia who will be discussing four topics:

Session #1: Rethink Your Packaging Design
Session #2: Reduce Your Packaging
Session #3: Recycle Your Packaging
Session #4: Reuse Your Packaging

Session #1 ‘Rethink your packaging Design’ will be held on 15 June at 3pm to 4.30pm GMT+7 (6pm AEDT) covering the topic of the redesign of packaging to be circular and not follow the linear model of ‘take-make-dispose’.

The session will be moderated by Ralph Moyle, education coordinator, Australian Institute of Packaging and speakers will include Prof Pierre Pienaar, president pf the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), Sertac Ersayin, board member of the World Design Organisation (WDO) and president of the Industrial Designer Society of Turkey, as well as Richard Smith, director of sustainability at Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific.

All Attendees will attain 1.5 CPD points towards the global Certified Packaging Professional designation.

Registration is necessary to access the virtual event.

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