Last day to register for the Jet Technologies event

Jet Technologies will be hosting a Digital Innovations session at its Sydney demonstration centre tomorrow, March 19, between 11.30am and 2.30pm.

The open-house event is for prospective and existing customers, supply partners and media – and today is the last day for registration if you intend to attend.

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Jet Technologies is expected to showcase the recently launched Screen L350UV SAI S and host conversations around the growth of digital.

The company’s director Jack Malki told Sprinter the event is a must attend as the Screen L350UV SAI S is of high relevance to the Australian market.

“We’re all excited to have an event happen again; it has been a quiet year for events because of COVID. But that hasn’t stopped us from bringing in the latest generation Screen L350UV SAI S,” he said.

“There will be a demonstration where in terms of productivity and output, the press is as much as 60 per cent faster than previous models, with a number of other benefits like additional colours and updated software for colour management.

“In some overseas markets, you tend to have printers that are dedicated towards one product or one industry – they may be printing just for fast moving consumer goods, for example.

“While that may be the case for the wine industry in Australia, most printers locally have their machines printing a range of products. This is where the SAI is extremely relevant as it can print on the widest range of substrates, from shrink films to label materials, aluminium foils and others.

“It can also cater to a wide range of applications. So, for a printer in Australia that has to print for multiple segments, it gives them the ability to pivot and future proof their business.”

Malki also mentioned the looming conversations around digital, saying that demands from the market has shifted considerably towards digital since the emergence of COVID-19.     

“We’ll also be discussing and presenting how digital has grown quite exponentially during COVID, with the demand cycle now being extremely short and manufacturers needing to react extremely quickly,” he said.      

“There have also been spikes in demand for various products – from toilet paper to general food items and everything else in between. That has resulted in the dramatic growth of digital, which leads to the demand for ‘printing now’.”    

Screen GP managing director Peter Scott previously said the arrival of the latest Truepress Jet L350UV SAI as a working demonstration model at Jet Technologies is a milestone in support for the A/NZ labels industry.

“Many flexo printers are looking into digital but are confused by the choices – inkjet, dry toner, liquid toner and so forth,” he said.

“In having a fully-specified working model here, with easy access away from perhaps competitor scrutiny, Jet Technologies has taken a bold and welcome step in a first for the industry. Customers can also run actual jobs, instead of ‘canned demos’ and asses the results in a real-world environment.”

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