Easy Signs targets 24-hour labels market with new equipment

Above: Adam Parnell and Andy Fryer

Easy Signs will target a 24-hour turnaround on label production after purchasing new equipment at drupa.

Easy Signs co-owner, Andy Fryer, told ProPack the new HP Indigo and ABG DigiLase equipment represent a ‘game changer’ for his business.

“We print a lot of stickers and up until now we have been printing them on wide format equipment and cutting them out on our Zünd table,” Fryer said.

“We realised that we needed to make a substantial investment with the HP Indigo 6K to compete on higher runs as we know our clients want their stickers or labels on rolls, but we have not been able to provide this until now.

“We will continue to do some of the stickers on the wide format table for UV stability when needed as well as for bigger stickers, but the smaller stickers will migrate to the Indigo and the ABG finishing equipment with DigiLase laser technology.

“One of our main points of difference in the market has been producing products within a 24-hour production time and the new ABG DigiLase laser technology is a game changer. “Using traditional methods, it is possible to lose 24 or 48 hours with the shipping of dies and there is also a cost. The introduction of the ABG DigiLase laser cutting finishing equipment by the end of this year will be critical for us to meet the expectations of our customers.,” Fryer said.

Currie Group director of labels and packaging ANZ, Mark Daws told ProPack the sale to Easy Signs will help the company further enhance its labels and web-to-print business.

“It wasn’t an easy decision for them, we took Andy and Adam to visit a very similar operation in the UK. They spent a bit of time doing their due diligence. It gives them the most versatile solution on any media off the shelf and it complements their existing verticals that they operate in.”

Daws also explained the benefits of the ABG DigiLase, that was also purchased at drupa – including web-to-print, fast turnaround, speed to market and automatic set-up.

“This will allow them to get product out, in the shortest possible time with the best technology on the market. We’re so excited to be on the journey with Adam and Andy and the rest of the team at Easy Signs.”

Click on the video below to hear more from Currie Group’s Mark Daws about the Easy Signs purchase of the HP Indigo 6K and the ABG DigiLase.

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