Abbe Corrugated, Austcor, Zacpac and Abbe Industrial to come under one brand

For many years, the family owned and operated businesses of Abbe Corrugated, Austcor, Zacpac and Abbe Industrial have traded as separate entities in the Australian market.

The group of companies has announced that its suite of packaging manufacturers are now uniting under one single entity of Abbe to provide customers with an even better experience through the unification of all the trading entities.

The group will be led by joint managing directors Anthony O’Sullivan and Trevor Barnes.

The directors said they are of the firm belief that consolidation of the national offering will make it easier to build on the wealth of shared knowledge and excellence across the group.

“It’s good news for the Abbe group and great news for our customers. The brand unification will enable the Abbe Group of companies to structure its businesses nationally and offer its products and innovative solutions across Australia,” the company said, in a statement.

O’Sullivan said the business is proud to provide the best packaging solutions for every type of enterprise, from established businesses to e-commerce start-ups.

“We’re proof that being proudly family-owned and operated is no barrier to innovation and a superior customer experience. Bringing our family of businesses together has given us the perfect opportunity to think about what kind of business we are and want to continue to become,” he said.

“Customer service is at the very core of our group of companies, and our values have always driven a deep customer facing culture. These are: respect, ownership, teamwork and excellence – they capture what makes us so special.”

The Abbe brand unification is accompanied by an overall brand refresh, which includes a new Abbe symbol and tagline, making packaging easy representing a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and culture, as well as updated company values.

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